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As it is in Katy, Baytown, Highlands, Houston, Spring Valley, or in Pasadena, or any other place in Texas, Humble City needs a lot of towing Humble.  The men and women may be tough, but their rides are always so, and no wonder – conditions in Texas are hardly ideal for lengthy car operation.  So, if ever you find yourself in need of towing Humble TX, then look for only one company: the Humble City Tow Squad!


Why should you ask for towing services Humble from Humble City Tow Squad?  Why not turn to other companies for towing in Humble?


The reason is simple, but profound.  It is our undying dedication to providing the best quality towing Humble TX. This virtue permeates everything we do in towing Humble, which is why we have become a major towing company in Humble. 


We may be “humble”, but that does not mean we don’t take pride in ourselves as a leading Humble city towing company.  If anything, our pride is put to constructive use, making sure we keep our tow trucks Humble clean and in great working condition.  Our towing Humble workforce and our towing Humble reception and dispatch system make up the larger part of our operations, and they are what make us the best at towing Humble TX. 


From Humble City Tow Squad, you can get a guarantee of the best towing Humble TX practices, the most well-maintained tow trucks Humble, and the cream of the crop in towing Humble personnel.  Plus, we will only charge you what’s fair.


Speaking of fair prices, we realize that with such great elements for towing services Humble TX, we could probably afford to raise our prices.  Still, we feel that it won’t be right, and continue to follow ethical towing Humble practices.  While some towing companies Humble will try to squeeze you for all you have, we won’t charge more than the most reasonable prices.  Not only does this fair-price guarantee apply to our towing Humble, but it also applies to other services we provide like gas delivery Humble and jump start service Humble.  We are most grateful to the residents of Humble for making us the number one in towing Humble.


It is unfortunate, but there are those seeking to make profit off the good name of towing Humble.  For example, there are cheap towing Humble who use substandard techniques and tow trucks Humble in ill repair, so you can only expect low-quality towing Humble.  The worst thing is, they might even charge as much as the better companies for such terrible towing services Humble TX.  Such exploitative towing Humble is unfair and unjust, unlike what we can offer to you.


On the note of what we can offer to you, here is a list of the towing services Humble we offer.  In addition to towing in Humble TX, we also offer related car services.



Wheel Lift Towing Humble


If there is any task that defines the towing Humble TX industry, this is it.  “Wheel lift” refers to the fact that one end of the vehicle to be towed is lifted off the ground by the tow truck Humble, and the other end stays on the ground.  This is achieved by using the winching Humble mechanism on the back of the tow truck Humble to hook onto and lift the end up.  This kind of towing Humble saves energy and effort by only needing to lift part of the entire vehicle’s weight.


This kind of towing Humble looks pretty simple, and for the most part ordinary towing Humble personnel can handle it.  At times though, hooking the car up to the tow truck Humble can be troublesome, and that is when expert towing Humble professionals – like the ones we employ – will prove their worth.


Boom Truck Towing Humble


Sometimes, drivers end up getting their cars in deep furrows and ditches.  An ordinary tow truck Humble can’t pull them out because of the angle, so what do you do?  Use boom truck towing Humble!  For boom truck towing Humble TX, a truck equipped with a long arm and a winch makes it possible to pull the stuck vehicle straight up and out.  Though it is less common and a bit more expensive, it allows the towing Humble of otherwise unrecoverable vehicles.  Still, it is not as simple as that.  Care must be taken and planning performed, otherwise the tow truck Humble might end up falling over and getting stuck too.  Our towing Humble operators are well aware of these, and are trained specifically against that problem.  With tow trucks in Humble, more cars and more money can be saved.


Flatbed Towing Services Humble


Some might argue that this is not really a form of towing Humble TX, but such debates are not our concern.  Flatbed towing Humble does not use either the traditional or the boom-equipped tow truck Humble. Instead, it uses the flatbed tow truck Humble, which is mostly similar to ordinary flatbed trucks.  Special adaptations allow these trucks to be used for towing services Humble TX.  For flatbed towing Humble, the entire vehicle is loaded onto the adapted platform at the back of the truck.  This method is safer and service-related damage like scratches and deformations are less likely to occur than in other kinds of towing Humble TX.


Since they are not in such high demand, some towing companies in Humble do not provide these services.  We at Humble City Tow Squad do.  Then again, other towing companies in Humble won’t treat your vehicle with the extra care like we provide for these towing Humble jobs.  Prudence is the better part of wisdom, and so we take extra steps to secure your vehicle and to prevent damage to the target or harm to people in the execution of this tow truck service Humble.  Whether it is a show car, a brand new unit from the dealership, or an immobile heap of scrap, we can perform the towing Humble.


Ask For More From Humble City Tow Squad!

You asked for it, and so your favorite towing company in Humble goes the extra mile and offers you these services!  Not just for towing in Humble anymore, we also offer emergency services like gas delivery Humble, jump start service Humble, and even car lockout Humble solutions for those who forget their keys inside their cars.  They are natural partners for towing services in Humble, and we bring them to you.  We have the widest variety of tow trucks Humble and towing services Humble to suit your needs, as well as ace employees who will surely make it worth your patronage.


If it is towing Humble you need, then look only for Humble City Tow Squad so you can get the best in towing Humble TX.